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Quality Policy

The practice exists to provide legal services. The firm’s manual indicates the ways in which particular types or areas of services are to be selected and those which the firm will from time to time offer to clients. Whatever the type of legal service however, the emphasis should be on the ‘service’ element, and the requirements of the client should be accorded priority accordingly.

The firm is committed to the concept that all aspects of its operations should be of the highest quality. As part of this commitment, it is working towards and is committed to achieving and retaining recognized externally certified quality marks.

There needs to be more to the firm’s quality programme than simply complying with a standard, however. The expectations of clients have risen considerably over recent years, and poor service is increasingly less likely to be tolerated. It is therefore not only in order to comply with the beliefs of the firm’s management that the provision of a quality service is required: it is necessary for the firm’s success. It follows that all personnel within the firm must judge their actions from the client’s viewpoint, and be aware that in addition to the provision of the highest levels of technical legal expertise, clients have a right to expect that their lawyers will be Available; Approachable; Comprehensible; Prompt; Courteous.

This manual, by setting out the policies and procedures that should followed by everyone throughout the firm, aims in general terms to provide a framework within which all will be able to work in a way that will offer the best chance of providing a consistently good level of service to all clients.

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